Heart of a Champion

October 24, 2008
By Tiana Souza, Oak Bluffs, MA

When I read “Heart of a Champion” by Ashley McCall I got so excited because that’s exactly how it’s going to be for my team this year and that was how it was last year at the Championship game except we lost at the buzzer when we were up by one. The other team shot a three pointer at the buzzer and sunk it right in.

I can really relate to Ashley McCall because I know exactly how she felt when she was so nervous and so excited at the same time. Ashley was a senior in her story and I am an eighth grader, so it’s basically do or die for us, too. I also thought “Heart of a Champion” was a very descriptive story. I can almost see the court and all the screaming fans and her and her teammates in the locker room getting pumped up for the game. I like how at the end of the game she didn’t care if she got the winning basket; she was just too excited.

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