A Hair's Strength

October 24, 2008
By Samuel Oslyn, Oak Bluffs, MA

Though the story A Hairs Strength is not the longest one in the world, it is extremely informing, captivating, and touching. Anorexia is a growing issue among teens, and this story describes perfectly how people with anorexia feel and what they do. I loved how despite the fact that the author, Stephanie S., is the “no party, no sex” type, her best friend was the anorexic, tattoo and piercing clad Mary, and they were friends even though they were also polar opposites. When Stephanie shaved her hair off because Mary’s had fallen out for lack of nourishment, I was touched that she wouldn't let her friend be alone in her time of crisis. The fact that Mary then went to get help with her disease was probably because Stephanie had convinced her how dangerous her condition was. I think that this story gives the perfect example of an supportive friendship. If you know someone with a problem, and they aren't making attempts to get help, you should for them, because their condition could be worse than they know.

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