Home Alone

October 24, 2008
“Home Alone” is scary like Ashylyn Z. said. I had an experience like that before. My parents were working and it was six o’clock at night. Someone was on my driveway in their car. It was an unfamiliar car. I saw this person in their car using their
cellphone. I got scared so I tried to call my parents. Then my dad didn’t answer and I noticed my mom left her cellphone at home. Ten minutes later I was in my room and someone called my mom’s cellphone three times. The last time I answered and no one talked the only thing I heard was hard breathing. I turned off the cellphone and ran quick to the door because someone rang the door bell. I peaked out of my window and saw my mom’s friend. When she got there the car that was on the driveway wasn’t there anymore and he person had left.

I think that Ashylan did the right thing of writing about her experience home alone because then kids will know how it feels to stay home alone at night when a stranger comes by your house.

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