Steroids and Baseball

October 23, 2008
By Diego deFreitas, Oak Bluffs, MA

I totally agree with Collins U. about steroids. Steroids doesn’t make players it only destroys them. Steroids also ruin the game for their teammates, and the whole game itself. Adrian Beltren was a good player, but he wanted to be great, so he started taking steroids thinking they wouldn't take anymore tests. He did hit better and with more power but it ruined his life. I think of Barry Bonds, first in career homers; some people say he cheated, and I agree. He was already a powerful hitter that was going to break records but he wanted more. Well, he did get more, but with steroids—I DON’T THINK SO! After he took steroids, they found out and he had to answer to reporters. He had to go to court, and he’s got some anger issues to work on. So if you want to be a great player, don’t take steroids. They don’t make great players they, destroy them.

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