A Hair's Strength

October 20, 2008
By Katie Stewart, Edgartown, MA

I think that A Hair¡¯s Strength by Stephanie S., is a very informing, and important story about being there for friends. Although Stephanie should have helped Mary with her anorexia long before it got to the point that it did, she was there in the end and that¡¯s what counts. Stephanie did a very brave thing by cutting her hair so that Mary felt better. That shows a true best friend, because hair is so important to some girls, that they could never part with theirs, even to help a friend. More people need to act, and not look the other way, when they know friends or family members going through similar situations. Most teens feel that what their friends do is not their business, but that mentality can be harmful their friends. This is a growing disorder among teens, and I think that this story is touching, and hopefully inspiring to those who struggle with anorexia

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