February 3, 2014
As soon as I read the title of Layup, I knew I was going to be able to relate to it in some way. I knew it was about basketball, and I assumed I had probably experienced what she wrote about at least once in my life. Furthermore, once I read it, I confirmed that I could relate and took myself back to a couple experiences that were similar. I can remember a few vivid images of myself rapidly bringing the ball up the sideline of the court and going in for a layup. In my mind, I would be telling myself that I would be getting two more points, but all of a sudden, an opposing defender would come out of nowhere and take me to the ground. They would hit me hard enough to make sure I didn’t make the basket but not enough that the referee would call a technical foul. I would then go to the free-throw line and shoot my uncontested shots from fifteen feet out. I would most likely sink them with ease and move on to the next play. Also, I can see almost anybody that plays basketball to be able to relate to this article in some way if they read it.

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