My Fathers Name is #3022

December 17, 2013
By Carlos_Danger BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
Carlos_Danger BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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This story was very touching to me because its hard to believe some people dont have fathers to help them grow up. This article doesent relate to my expieriences in life but I still have things to say about it. The fact of some one not having a father is a killing fact for me because my Dad is the most important person in my life. He is more important then my mom, my sister, my uncles ect. He has always been there for me and relates so much to my expieriences and gets me through absolutely anything. When I have bad grades, he helps me get them up and tells me I can do it, on the othere hand my mom does not do that. She tells me about how im not going to do it and I wont succeed. The thought that one day I wont have my father with me kills me because now, I could probably never survive without him. If I never had my dad in my life I wouldent be were i am now.

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