Simple Offerings by Aditya Sri Sai Vela (Feedback)

December 10, 2013
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Reading Aditya Vela’s article about how such little things like a coconut could change a person’s day got me thinking a lot about the world around me. About 1.3 billion people in the world are living in poverty and approximately 22 children die each day because of it- not to mention hunger is also a huge issue. An amount of 54 cents wouldn’t mean much to the people who are much more fortunate, but it could light up someone else’s day.

“What is the meaning of all the riches in this world if they can’t be of use to the right person at the right time?” Vela says. If the people that throw around money like it isn’t much of a big deal put that money aside for those who are less fortunate, I could only think of the jubilant looks on their faces. Rich doesn’t have to only mean an abundance of money- it could also mean an abundance of joy and thanks. Wouldn’t that be much better than having stacks of green paper?

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