Words and Numbers

November 7, 2013
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Ali Schindler's article, "Words and Numbers," expressed her feelings as well as the feelings of what I feel is the general populous about mathematics. By using her own experience she was able to connect with me. She made me empathize with her feelings of stress and discomfort with math rules and equations. Many times in my life math has made me belittle myself internally and accept that I am "stupid" because I don't understand numbers. I loved how Ali compared how she feels about numbers to how she feels about words and writing. I could relate to her highly. She made reassured that because I may be mediocre in a topic, there's other subjects I can excel in and bring my confidence in my mind up. What I got from her article was that the equations of sentences are more lineant and you can work with them while numbers are, as she says, "concrete." Her words made me feel as if I am Ali's friend she is confiding her feelings to. Thank you Ali Schindler, for not only putting my frustrations into words but for making me feel like I had gained a friend from reading an article.

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