I'm Sorry, Eric

October 19, 2013
By ohk0321 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
ohk0321 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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“I’m Sorry, Eric” by Avi Lurie makes you realize how bad bullying is, and what it can cause people to do. While reading this, I could feel the pain Avi experienced when he heard Eric say he couldn’t live. Then, I felt how depressed Avi must have been when he was told Eric had killed himself.
Bullying has become such a big issue now. Everyone is bullied at one point in their life, and it hurts. This story shows how bullying can cause some people, like Eric, to feel like they can’t live anymore. I don’t think anyone should have to feel that way.
“I’m Sorry, Eric” brought tears to my eyes, especially when I read the end of Eric’s letter to Avi. This story made me realize how precious life is, and how we should treasure every moment of it. I’m sure Eric was an amazing person, and even though he is physically gone, he will always be remembered.

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