"Caught in 9/11"

October 4, 2013
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In the article "Caught In 9/11" by Sahej Suri...I was really iterested about the article he wrote. So many people get bullied by any race. But what Sahej wrote was otrageous ,him getting bullied just because Osama bin Laden,the one that caused the terroist attack, looked like his family and the race he was in. Ever since 9/11 the race Sikhs were treated with no respect and were beatin and or killed just because of Osama. So many Sikhs were killed, beatin, and bullied. But after a few months the Sikhs stood up and used their voice. So now after Sahej facing prejudice has made him strong and passionate about his beliefs. only then the sikhs rise, heal from tha rubble of 9/11.

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