"The Man Covered in Ash"

October 4, 2013
I found Amy's poem "The Man Covered in Ash" extremely touching because it made me think. I thought the words she used to describe what was happening, were very discriptive. I like how she didn't say it in her words but in the little boys words and thoughts. The part where the little boy says, " Hey,look! It's the Twin Towers" and then he says, "The Twin Towers are burning!," impacted me as I read it. But the part of the poem that made me think the most was the part where it states, "A man covered in ash", it painted an image in my head of the Towers falling and the man getting covered. It made me sad and made me think how so much people didn't make it out. Overall, the poem was perfect and it was so detailed that I could see everything, like it was happening right in front of me.

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