John McCain for President

September 23, 2008
I was disappointed with the article “John McCain for President” in the September 2008 edition of Teen Ink. As a reader I would think that the articles pertaining to political candidates would touch base with the issues that candidate is facing. Heidi H. does a great job of explaining John McCain’s extraordinary military service. Heidi forgets to mention anything about the current administration and just about all issues except immigration and the environment. Those may be the top issues in Rockwall, Texas, but I’m sure that in the other 49 states there are other issues that are more important. Issues like health care, the middle class, and the economy, whose “fundamentals are strong” according to John McCain. These are the issues that are very important to us in the north.

I am an Obama supporter and I challenge Heidi H. of Rockwall Texas, to look at the issues that will affect her currently, her future as an American citizen, and to not be influenced by what her parents feel is right, but by what she feels is right. If she does this I am almost certain that her political view will change.

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