Walking in Her Shoes

May 22, 2013
"Walking in Her Shoes," by Kaitlin, shows the effect of a mother on her child. In the beginning, the little girl admires the mother. She thinks that her mom is perfect, and she copies her mom's actions. It starts off as innocent. The little girl tries to catch up with her mom's stride. The little girl stares ahead in the elevator, just like her Mom. When the mother steals a pair of earrings, the girl takes a ring, not realizing that it was a bad thing to do. Because her mom did it, she thinks it was justified. The mother scolds her daughter for swiping the jewelry and says, "Only Mom can." The little girl doesn't think that that's fair and decides to be her person. She realizes that her mom isn't perfect.
A child sees their parent as a model and as a superhero. They want to be like their parents, and to be a grown up. Their moms and dads have a magical quality about them. If there's ever a problem, Mommy or Daddy can fix it. However, over time, they realize that Mom and Dad have flaws. They still see them as Superman or Wonder Woman, but they learn about kryptonite, too. Unfortunately, the little girl in "Walking in Her Shoes" found her mom's allergy towards kryptonite too soon.

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