"Open Up"

May 22, 2013
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From the first line of “Open Up” by Hailey, I was hooked by the author’s unique experience as a kid. Sanden describes herself when she was very young as reserved and interminably shy. I can relate to Sanden’s experiences as the “Quiet Girl” or the “Socially Awkward Girl,” because I am probably as shy as she is when I am in a crowd of people. Now, the author considers herself as “guarded” and difficult to be convinced of trustworthiness.
Sanden’s witty, humorous comparisons and analogies highlight her voice in the article. One comparison that was comical to me was of humans as dogs rolling onto their backs. This idea of dogs showing they trust a person appeals to Sanden, which creates an amusing outlook in “Open Up.” In addition, I was intrigued by Sanden’s analogy of opening up to others as being a Horcrux. She explains that in order to really know a person, you have to give of yourself and take initiative. I couldn’t agree more!

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