"Daddy's Sweater"

May 21, 2013
By Anonymous

After skimming the reviews, flipping through the non-fiction works, reading the works of fiction, my fingers slid the page to the poetry section. Usually I look through the titles, looking for the one poem that is eye catching. And I found it. “Daddy’s Sweater” by “Tilly.” The title itself made my have a small smile as I was lying on the sofa in my father’s extremely over-sized sweater. As I read the poem, a twinge of sadness resonated in my body, especially my heart. Reading “Daddy’s Sweater” made me realize that someday my father will not be around to ask, “How was your day?” or “Is everything alright?” or even simply giving me a smile and a hug. My dad is a taxi driver who works night shifts. He sleeps four to five hours a daily. The days off he has he spends with me and my brothers. My dad takes my problematic, pain in the neck, brothers fishing on Saturdays; he goes to every performance that involves us; he works day and night to pay for our prep fees; he supports us everyday with a smile; and most importantly, he gives us the love and devotion every father should give to his child. Sometimes I wonder why he tries so hard for us. My brother Michael and I are in our teenage years where we are moody and has an “attitude” all the time; Joshua is too young to understand how hard his work is; and we aren’t the brightest of children nor the most talented. My father tried explaining to me about his love for us, and of course my mom. I never really understood, and I still don’t really understand. To me, his love is something that will never be replaced. Someday, I will be an adult. Someday my father and mother will not be with me. Someday I will be at their funeral crying my eyes out. Someday I will be sitting on my sofa, wearing his sweater, and crying. Someday I will regret not being able to spend time with him more. Someday I will teach my children what I have learned and hope they won’t make the same mistake I have made. Someday I will be looking through my photo album, and miss the smiles that my dad gave me in the morning. And most importantly, someday I will give the same love and devotion my father gave me to my own children and pass down the lessons he has taught me. I love you daddy, and thank you for being in my life.

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