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May 20, 2013
20% Hope, 80% Despair: An article covering the struggle of holding hope in your heart, while trying to keep out despair. The title is self-explanatory, right? Right?


You’ve only caught the explanation. You’ve only caught an itty-bitty snippet of the article. We know that it’s hard to hope sometimes. There is an off-chance where what you are expecting will not come true. We feel that more often than we realize.

If you’re sick, you hope to feel better. If you buy a lottery ticket, you hope to win big. There is despair, though, that you won’t feel better or win the jackpot. Same goes for Leah and his grandma--there is a 20% chance for her to be healed, and an 80% chance that things won’t turn out right (which NO ONE wants to despair about). I wish all the best for Leah’s grandma--and through these tough times, we must continue to hope, like Leah. Wishing for all the best will only hope to ascertain that something will turn out right. That’s why we must stay positive.

So, hope that you win the lottery or feel better, because that is what we must do. If you despair, it’ll only make you negative about what you’re hoping for. Anticipation must be sustained!

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