Find an Alternate System for Smuggled Cell Phones

May 20, 2013
By Macymanning2 BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
Macymanning2 BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
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“Eliminating their ability to make outgoing calls…” The American people expect to rely and trust government authorities, such as prison guards and policemen. But history shows us how mankind continue to fall into temptation. The results of the “managing-access system” do not look bright. Anyone who works inside a prison can learn how to work the “jamming system,” and use it for ulterior purposes. Before we know it anyone could jam any cell phone, due to the creation of our “helpful” system. The problem needs to be obliterated, not monitored. Smuggled cell phones, once found and disposed of, will no longer cause threatening situations. Events such as “the lockdown of an entire corrections system, in Texas, in early September,” would never of happen if prison officials rid prisons of all smuggled phones. The government needs to put money into logical activities such as: continuous cell phone searches, stricter prison rules, and wholesome, reliable men to guard our prisons. These easy alterations would save states approximately $1 million dollars. The money used for this lazy, although creative, system can go towards more critical needs occurring all over America.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a school assignment, but it opened my eyes to real world issues that surround me. Although I cannot solve the majority of the issues I am surrounded by, I can express my opinion and maybe even help others find theirs.

That's what this piece is about, Stating my opinion to help some one else see theirs.

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