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April 11, 2013
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I have a very mixed critique of Nicole Dunn's "Procrastination" article in the April TeenInk. To begin with, the entire piece was well written and a pleasure to read. The entire first six paragraphs are great. I (and many others) may have never procrastinated an entire class to the last week it was due. However, many of us would if we were only given one deadline. Therefore, the entire beginning and middle of the article was a strong awakening to the harsh realities of procrastination. It truly pulled me into your perpetual crisis, and I applaud you for that.

My problem starts when we reach the end of the sixth paragraph. The entire piece did a great job of warning readers about procrastinating, and then all of a sudden you just mention getting a full week extension. Boom. Your entire argument collapses as now readers feel " oh well, I guess it is fine to save work until the end- you can just snap your fingers and extend the deadline anyway. " What's more in the last paragraph, you mention receiving an A in the class. Many students are already receiving B's C's and D's in classes, and now this comes along indicating that one can just blow off an entire subject until the last week and still receive an A or its equivalent. In the end, your article is so reputable-sounding and well written, that by the time readers hear that you got an A by procrastinating, they believe they can do the same. I mean if a great, enchanting article tells of a girl who procrastinated her entire class away and still aced it,why wouldn't we believe that action as a fact of life?

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