Django Unchained

April 14, 2013
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“Django Unchained” is a fantastic movie that excels on many levels and Charles’s review was extremely accurate. A review about the academy award winning movie, Charles compares it to many other movies, and analyzes various aspects including the plot, acting, and directing. He describes it as “a combination of [The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and “Lincoln”], with much more violence, biting dialogue, and stylized as a Western,” and compliments Tarantino’s consistency as well as Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting in the movie as Calvin Candie.

After watching the movie myself just a month ago, I agree with him on nearly every point. The soundtrack was extraordinary, making scenes explode with adrenaline, while the twists of Tarantino compliment the movie greatly. Violence is barely an issue, much of it not appearing until the end, and the acting of each character was perfect. The emotions of the characters seemed real and each one, regardless of its significance to the plot, was fleshed out so that you felt connected to them. While the author of the review liked DeCaprio’s acting- which I agree was impressive –I still found Christoph Waltz to be the star of the movie, his phenomenal acting skills enhancing the movie in many scenes. Although his contribution to the movie slowly diminishes as the movie progresses, this supporting actor provides viewers with laughter from his witty remarks and acting, as well as a sense of satire in such grave moments in history. The different elements of “Django Unchained” makes a perfect harmony, and I’m glad that it had the opportunity to be reviewed in Teen Ink.

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