Never Stop

April 11, 2013
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"Never Stop" by Emily C. is an article that I can relate to. It sums up all the things I think when people ask me about my future.
In the article, Emily brings up a boy who sits next to her during the forty-three minute bus ride home everyday. He is the type to tell annoying jokes and say things that don't make sense. This type of person may not seem like a big deal to others, but to people like me and Emily, it matters a great deal. Even though she does not want to think about it, she thinks of all the possibilities of this boy's future and even her's as well.
Whenever I think about my future, I always picture the events along the way and all the possibilities that could happen. I don't like thinking about the future, because whenever I do, I think of change, not the small kinds like cutting your hair short, but great changes in people. I often wonder how the rest of my life will be. I wonder what my friends will be like after their share of life's challenges have gone through them. I wonder what that little kid eating ice cream in the park without a care in the world will be like. I wonder what will happen to them and I wonder what will happen to me.
Emily expressed her feelings and thoughts about the future well in "Never Stop" and I want to thank her for expressing it through words, something that I feel is very hard to do.

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