"Not Another Success Story" Review

April 11, 2013
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I think many readers can relate to the fact that sometimes, no matter how hard something is attempted, it leads to failure. “Not Another Success Story” by Niagara expresses that concept. In her personal essay, she describes how she studied very hard for a test and still got a bad score, despite the fact that other students did not meet this fate and did well. In response to this, I must present to the author the fact that she is not alone and she is not stupid, as she thinks of herself to be.
Many students face this problem on a daily basis; students plunged into a topic that they are simply not ‘good’ in. Sometimes, no matter how hard they try, it never seems to be good enough. In the essay, she displays her wider interest in the ‘foreign culture’ and ‘literature’ section instead of school. If she is better at this subject, then this is quite normal that math is difficult for the reader. And in any case, if the subject is harder, it does not mean that you are stupid or an imbecile at all. A person cannot be perfect at every single element they attempt to pursue. It is the way the person’s mind works that is the cause of this, and in some cases the mind simply is not mathematic. Someone who is brilliant at math may be terrible at English, by the way their brain works. Sometimes something simply needs more attention— a lot more, perhaps— then what others seem to need to give to the subject to do equally as well.
Why am I writing this feedback? I just needed to tell her that I can sympathize with the author, as I have faced the same problem at one point of my life myself, and was able to pull myself out of the ditch by taking a step back and working harder. She, and anyone else who is reading this, needs to understand that they are not alone, that there are people struggling the same way as they may be. It does not mean you are a failure at all, and you need to remember that. Some things may not come to you, for example, as easily as everyone else, and some things may come much easier than everyone else. Strengths are good for show, but you cannot learn from them; weakness is the most valuable mentor of all.

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