My First Real Teacher

April 11, 2013
In "My First Real Teacher," an English teacher transforms from a cold, two-dimensional instructor to a compassionate human being. Kali, the narrator, was in sophomore year when she met Mrs. Geurin. Mrs. Geurin didn't seem to appreciate her writing as much as her previous instructors had. Kali and Mrs. Geurin continued on their lives barely acknowledging one another until they met at the wake of Kali's father. There, they connected and they saw past the student-teacher standard.
This piece shows how professional relationships can affect one's viewpoint. I remember when I was in kindergarten, my teacher stepped out of the room. I asked the assistant where she went and was informed that she was in the bathroom. I was surprised and uttered an embarrassing, "Teachers go to the bathroom, too?" Sometimes, we forget that the officials in our lives are people also. They are capable of feelings and has a life outside of the one you know. Your principal goes shopping for groceries too. Your parents were in high school once too. We should all strive to remember this.

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