The Real Thing MAG

By Angel Gardner, Bear, DE

All my life, I have looked at magazines as passé, made up, or full of celebrity gunk. ­Recently, I’ve been drawn to Bop, M, and Tiger Beat magazines, filled with Disney stars and cute boy bands. However, there is one monthly magazine that I can depend on to give me real-life stories from real (not made up, plaster-faced) teenagers like me, with ­issues and feelings that haven’t been censored.

Teen Ink is a unique magazine where I can submit pieces anytime, not for a grade, but because I’ve grown to love Teen Ink. I think it’s so cool to get a chance to have my opinions, issues, and stories read by the public – my teenage public. Sometimes, that’s all I need; not to see the latest trends and which celebrity is pregnant this week. I am tired of reading about Britney Spears and her 1,001 meltdowns. What I need is to see there are ­real teenagers like me, who are klutzes, passionate about writing and photography, and not scared to raise their voices.

Editor’s note: Angel, now there’s a new way for you to have your voice heard, unfiltered and uncensored. Teen Ink RAW is an interactive site where you can read lots more teen writing, comment on articles, and vote for your favorites. Check it out at

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