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March 8, 2013
Dear Teen Ink,

One of your magazine’s best qualities is how relatable your articles are. I know that it is hard for me to read about something that has no relation to my life. Teen Ink has done a great job of making their articles easy to link to any teen’s life, because of the diversity in article topics. I have noted the music reviews in the magazine and especially like them. However, with music being one of the biggest trends in the teen world, I would like Teen Ink to do an entire issue on music.

Looking at the amount of views an annual music show like the Grammy’s or the VMA’s receive, it would be predicted that an annual music issue of Teen Ink would pull in many readers. If a television music show attracts so many viewers, who’s to say a magazine version of something like the Grammys would not do the same? With music also being a topic that is not “one sided” it would appeal to almost all audiences. I would propose an online poll electing artists, songs, and albums to be written about in the Teen Ink music issue. This would allow readers to be more involved in the making of the issue.

One lyric from a song can cause an overflow of feelings and emotions. If there was an annual issue of Teen Ink entirely on music, it would allow teens to write about something they all know. Music has been introduced to the teen world, and is used as an escape. If teens were to feel that connection through Teen Ink, there would be no reason not to pick up a Teen Ink magazine every time they saw one.
Natalie F

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