Remembering newtown

March 13, 2013
I highly disagree with Miranda's statement that "Darkness will forever shroud December 14." Yes, the New town tragedy should not be forgotten or belittled, but most importantly it should be used to become increasingly grateful, and humble. We must take positive actions, move forward, and improve upon our dark times. If we as a nation choose not to move forward ; we won't go anywhere, we will be living in the past filled with hurt and distress. As human beings we strive for more, we live off prosperity and hope, we look forward to the brighter days. this milestone will surpass and we will rise above it stronger, more hopeful, and increasingly optimistic of the future we hold in our hands. So we can choose to learn from the New town tragedy, move forward , and make a difference or we can choose to dwell on what we no longer have control of , but the choice is now yours.

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