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March 8, 2013
By fcasillas96 BRONZE, Avondale, Arizona
fcasillas96 BRONZE, Avondale, Arizona
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Reading “A Miracle” by Sanya Shiraz brings back memories of my country of origin, Mexico. I both understand and relate when she writes about “families who lost someone in a fraction of a second and may not have even been able to have the body.”

In Juarez, there are as many as 20 deaths each day which is so sad and unfair especially when someone who is innocent is killed. In my family we have experienced deaths of loved ones whose bodies we never received because of the amount of harm done to them. However, as Sanya says, we have to learn to move on. Also, when she says they couldn't count on authority, only miracles, that is exactly how those living in Juarez and the families living elsewhere, like mine, feel.

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