The Mohawk

March 6, 2013
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“The Mohawk” in the March issue was a spotlight on stereotyping, something our society takes for granted. We like to judge based on looks, and only that. Cruger described how many people had lower expectations of her when she styled her hair into a mohawk. It was just hair to her, but to everyone else, it was a sign of disobedience and irresponsibility.

After I read this piece, it reminded me of my friend. I myself am not very sure as to what he was planning, but he came into school one day with all of his hair dyed blue. All of my classmates were quick to assume that he was crazy or going through some sort of phase that involved getting into fights and failing all of his classes. A week later, his hair was dyed red. The following time, it was purple. I accepted the fact that he wanted something exciting in his life, and he wanted to be different. That was respectable, even if other people didn’t seem to think so.

Stereotyping based on looks among teens is extremely common. If their hair is dyed and they have piercings, does that mean they’re a troublemaker? Does it mean they can’t be trusted? Of course it doesn’t, because it’s what is on the inside that counts. In reality, appearances are only a shell, one that is hard for a shallow person to break, but a caring person who looks inside can see right through.

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