"A Not-So-Healthy-Glow"

March 6, 2013
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Philippa’s article “A Not-So-Healthy Glow” is unfortunately true. Our culture has modernized and many people desire tan skin to increase their confidence. Today, both sexes tan their skin to appear healthier and have a certain glow. However, young adults are unaware of the effects of tanning, which includes wrinkles, damaged skin, and worse, skin cancer.
In “A Not-So-Healthy Glow,” Bird describes the dangers of both unnatural tanning and sun bathing. Many teenagers and adults tan very frequently, which is not healthy for their skin. As a result, ultraviolet radiation from tanning booths damage the skin and causes quicker aging.
I was impressed by the article and shocked at how there are large amount of cases of skin cancer in young adults due to artificial tanning. Philippa brings up a strong argument about the fact that reality TV stars are unnaturally tan and do not consider health risks they put themselves in. I agree with this point, especially since viewers are convinced that tanning can’t be harmful to their skin. The line, “Being pale is just as beautiful- much better for you, now and in the long term,” stood out to me, because my mother always forces me to slather myself in sunscreen during the summer, and would reassure me that everyone has a natural glow.
Thank you, Philippa, for keeping me aware that healthy skin is important.

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