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March 4, 2013
“It’s Not Funny,” written by “Amy,” is an article about how some students exploit the meanings of words towards sexual assault and make jokes out of them in turn. It can be very hurtful if someone makes a joke about rape next to someone who went through such a thing. The author, for example, gets infuriated when someone talks about a basketball game; instead of saying that they lost badly to the other team, Calvin (the speaker) says their team “got raped.” This is inappropriate, and like the author, others who have gone through rape will feel upset at how others use the word “rape” as a joke.

For “Amy,” rape is a horrible flashback in her mind. Others, like Calvin (who openly use the word with no shame), do not realize that rape is a horrible assault. As “Amy” says, maybe they would stop using the word if they realized what it meant. Another perfect example is when people openly use the word “gay” every time they want to describe something foolish or stupid. If someone says, “Oh, brother, this food is so gay,” how will people that are homosexual feel when they misuse it? Displacing the word for less than its worth is not OK, especially when someone says, “Our team got raped.” Do they even realize what the word even amounts to?

“Amy,” thank you for exposing how idiotic people are when they disrespect others by using words they’re not supposed to. I feel your pain when you went through that horrible experience--and that whenever people use the word “rape” or joke about sexual assault, they don’t know how bad they’re making people feel when they mention words like such. It’s not funny or clever to say, “Oh, man, did our team get raped!” When people like that use such harsh words, they should think twice about what they say…especially when they don’t know how rape feels, and how shameless they are slurring out words like those. People should have much more consideration for others, like you, “Amy.”

Bottom line: Think twice about what you say, and what it means. Just think.

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