Just Friends

February 10, 2013
By Anonymous

I know that feels, "Carly." It feels a bit weird referring to you in quotes so I think I'll refer to you as Carly from now on. We're buddies now, by the way, since we experienced similar things. This is a message from me, Anonymous, to you. As always, there's this guy. He's kinda sorta taken...but not really, y'know? Anyway, this guy and I are besties. We sing randomly through the halls, we have late night phone conversations, we wait for each other after classes... He's the bomb diggity. He's funny, charming, smart, and bears abs.

Just sayin'. 

Anyway, I told a few of my friends that I had a crush on him, but now, I'm not really sure. It hurts when I see him with his crush but he's happy, and she's happy, so who am I to say anything? He's practically in love with my ex-best friend, by the way. The "ex" is because she mistook my encouragement to go for him as nosy-ness. Yes, I urged them to get together but they ignored my advice. I know he cares about me, though. I know I care about him.  I was confused about my affections for quite a while until I read your piece.Then I realized...we weren't anything. We weren't just best friends. We weren't in a relationship. We weren't just sibling-like. We were just...us.
Thank you, Carly. Thank you so much. Thank you for pulling me out of the depths of conpuzzlement and helping me to accept what is and not to expect what might be. From one New Yorker to another, thank you.

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