February 10, 2013
By , Brooklyn, NY
The article “Good-Bye” by Kimberly Mei is an astounding work of literature that dragged in my emotions immediately. The article itself was about a boy breaking up with his girlfriend. The girl is numb to it at first and is not affected by the “pillar” that would knock the wind out of her. Instead, she hung up on the boy first and moved on through that night. After however, she tries to bring that relationship back. She “fought and screamed” for it to come back, but it never did.
Due to what I have personally experienced, connecting to this article was very easy and quick. Breaking up with someone that you loved is hard. You want it to come back, but after it’s gone, it’s gone forever. The last line really stood out to me because through this article it was what I realized was true. “Just as one child can’t seesaw alone, one person cannot force love to go on.” No matter how much I would want my old relationship to come back, only one person working for the relationship will never work. I want to give my thanks to Kimberly Mei for writing this piece and for writing the perfect last line. Moving on will be hard, but through this I think I will be able to manage. Thank you Kimberly.

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