Feedback on "School Start Times: A Wake-Up Call"

February 10, 2013
“School Start Times: A Wake-Up Call” by Kristen is in the February edition of Teen Ink. This piece suggests beginning school later in the day. Many issues are discussed. The author says that many teens aren’t getting enough sleep. She then talks about the effects this could have on their health and education.

I found this piece very convincing. Because I live far away from my school, I am one of the many teenagers that have to wake up early to get to school. I have experienced the consequences of coming to school sleep deprived first-hand. I often feel tired during my first class. While I usually try to learn as much as I can, I sometimes walk into my first class with my only goal being to finish my work as soon as possible so I can rest a bit. The teachers most likely aren’t thrilled with trying to teach a class that’s half-asleep either. I agree with the author of this piece that pushing back the time when school starts would be very beneficial to students.

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