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February 7, 2013
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New York City is so much more than flashing lights and tourists. While Luca Foggini's poem, published in the February issue, “NYC,” is descriptive and well-written, I wish it didn't portray such a stereotypical image of New York City. It describes the business, light, and odd street performances encountered there.

Many seem to forget that the city is made up of five boroughs, all enormously different from each other. New York City is more than just Manhattan, but it seems that many think otherwise, if you look at how New York City is portrayed in media.

This stereotype is not the fault of Luca or anyone else. After all, if you type in New York City on any search engine, the screen would be overflowing with images of skylines and taxicabs. However, this is not a good representation of all of the city. As a proud New Yorker who has stepped foot in Manhattan only enough times to count on my fingers, I find it insulting when the only visuals brought to mind by the city's name are tall buildings and crowds.

We have small neighborhoods without a single skyscraper, and residents who do not deafen you every time they speak. There are parks other than Central Park. We have as many small businesses as we have corporations, and family-style restaurants that do not belong to a franchise that are not pretentious or expensive. We even have streets that aren't littered with bright yellow taxis.

Most of all, we have diversity – not just in culture, but in environment. And this is what makes New York so beautiful; it's a place where you can be immersed in crowds of people and see turkeys sauntering down the street, all in one city.

So if poems like Luca Foggini's make you want to come to New York, that's great. Still, while you're here, make sure to drop by some less conspicuous places. You might discover one of New York's hidden wonders that hasn't been spoiled by excessive media coverage yet.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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