It's A Hard Knock Life For Us

January 24, 2013
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It’s hard to be a person, to be an individual. We take it day by day under the circumstances. People constantly try to tell you who you are, trying to categorize you, its human nature after all. It’d be nicer if people didn’t see things in black and white. There are going to be times in our lives that we question ourselves, who am I, why did I do that, where do I go from here? It’s a process taken in moments and breaths. People will tell you to appreciate it, but to really appreciate it one has to know why. It’s okay not to know because I didn’t and maybe I still don’t. I can say that I’ve tried and that I have failed, but its okay for me to be in the middle. I think as teenagers it’s hard for us, what with the raging hormones to know where we’re going or how we get there; who we are or who we’re going to be. But then I think that maybe that’s the beauty of it; making discoveries and feeling things that are so new and different in every way, feeling like you’re sinking but then somebody saves you and brings you back to the surface, or maybe this time, you learned how to swim and you’re doing your own saving. So maybe that’s why we take it day by day, maybe that’s why they tell us we have so much to learn, maybe that’s why they tell us to appreciate it, you got one shot, before you point that arrow, make sure you’ve discovered your target.

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