Review of "The Pageant"

January 7, 2013
By , Brooklyn, NY
The Pageant by Maddie C is a fictional story that takes place in the future. In the scary future where a beauty pageant that takes place every year decides your life. Girls’ ages three to twenty years of age must participate in this pageant in which the lowest scoring female would be “Chosen”. In every state there is a “Chosen” girl who, as revealed near the end of the story, was killed with a beam of light. Beauty was before brains in this futuristic world. The main character dressed up her baby sister, Abby, for the pageant, and dressed herself up. As the narrator put it, “I have three minutes to win over the all-male panel of judges.” She had three minutes. Three minutes which would decide if she and her sister lived or died.
This fictional story sort of portrays society now in a harsher way. Actually, now it might be becoming more and more similar. Now you have to be pretty, slim, and tall to “fit in” and be a popular person. It just seems to be a silent, basic rule that you had to be slim and pretty to be a part of society. Especially as a teenager this “rule” applies in a harsher way. Appearance is everything. Many teens face the problem with having eating disorders, or even committing suicide because they think they are lacking in appearance. Living in today’s society is tough and will be very judgmental. The Pageant by Maddie is an amazing futuristic, fictional story that portrays life in society now.

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SarahJane said...
May 14, 2013 at 11:50 am
It was a good story!  I think the author should write more for it.  Good review too!
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