How Important Is Beauty?

January 3, 2013
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"How Important Is Beauty?" by Sissy S is an article that emphasizes the fact that beauty is an important part of society that changes throughout time. People may not know it, but beauty is something that everyone notices or cares about.
Like Sissy says, beauty is important in everyday society. People spend so much time trying to look their best that they don't even realize that in a few decades, the definition of beautiful will change. Even people who don't care much about their own beauty will choose a "beautiful" person over an "ugly" person at first sight. Since we were little, we were taught that good people are pretty and bad people are ugly. However,Disney films may not be the main source of this prejudice. If Cinderella was hideous and her step-sisters beautiful, will the five-year-olds watching the movie feel sorry for her? It is human nature and the way that people were brought up to stereotype something by the way it looks.
I will admit that I am not an exception to all this obsession over beauty. Like the average person, I spend a lot of time on my looks when I am aiming to impress, which is almost all the time.
Even though it is essential to the world, beauty doesn't last long. Maybe it will go away with the years or when society deems it ugly to have what is now the "perfect appearance." Beauty can only get you so far. The rest is up to how you let these stereotypes affect you.

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