How Important Is Beauty?

January 3, 2013
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In the January 2013 issue, Sissy S answers the everlasting question “How Important Is Beauty?”, which also happens to be the title of her profound piece. In this agreeable work of hers, she points out the flaws of our society-the superficial society that unfortunately praises high body maintenance, physical alterations, and overall “attractiveness.” Such studies and statistics like “taller men and thinner women earn more than their shorter and heavier counterparts” and “the average American woman will spend $13,000 on cosmetics and an astonishing two and a half years bathing, dressing, and grooming herself” only add to the horrifying results of today’s stereotypical media and celebrity influences.

I agree in full with Sissy’s disappointed stance on the significance on looks. As a teenage girl, I encounter proof of this on a daily basis. In school, students dressed in Hollister, Juicy Couture, Aeropostale, and Uggs infest the already filthy hallways. Turning on the television, more often than not, there is an advertisement promoting yet another beauty care product that probably doesn’t even work. And what about that lady on the hair care or makeup commercial? What are the chances she is overweight, has acne, is disabled, or is short? Slim to none is the correct answer.

So for the ones who think forcing fingers down your throat to stay slim, getting that cartilage on your nose fixed, or wearing unhealthy gunk over your face are the solutions to a successful body image, well, you’re absolutely wrong. Although I do agree with Sissy’s lengthy response to “How Important Is Beauty?”, I also have a sufficient reply. It’s not. In order to be be-you-tiful, be you.

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