The Pageant

January 3, 2013
"The Pageant" by Maddie C forebodes what may strike us in the future. It's no surprise that girls are becoming mature much earlier than in the past. There are now shows that depict teenage pregnancies, or inappropriate child pageants
It's no longer a surprise to see an eleven year old girl strutting down the sidewalk in a tight v-nick tee and skinny jeans, showing off what she doesn't yet have. It's no longer shocking to turn on the television and be graced with an image of a toddler made up to look like a twenty-year-old. False eyelashes, spray tans, and wigs are put on little girls who then parade around, making movements too flirtatious for their age.
In society, intelligence has taken a backseat to outer appearance. It's all about what you look like, and not what you know. In "The Pageant," a beauty queen is the president of a nightmarish United States, no doubt voted in by people who were entranced by her beauty. The people selected a president that supported a mandatory pageant that murdered the lowest scorer in each State. Would this one day be our future? Seeing as how sexualized girls are now, "The Pageant" might not be a nightmare, but rather a doomed fate.

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