Technology Dependence

December 11, 2012
By johnny ruvalcaba BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
johnny ruvalcaba BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Reading Madeline R.'s article, "Technology Dependence" I found myself agreeing with her belief that technology and our increasing dependence on it greatly impacts our lives. It truly is not an exaggeration that technology is the centerpiece of our generation, what with people using Facebook, Twitter, cellphones, iPods, iPads, etc. everyday. Even though technology helps make tasks easier, it also keeps us in a bubble separate from our actual real lives. There are boys I know who spend all their time playing video games, and girls who are on their phones all day texting, ignorant of life going on around them. I realize I am also dependent on technology whether to do assignments, to go on Facebook, or play games if I'm really bored, though I try to limit how much time I go online and use technology. Thank you, Madeline R., for bringing up this topic and hopefully more people will stop spending so much time on technology and more time living life.

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