Book Banning

October 12, 2007
By Breona Dobesh, Dell Rapids, SD

Why would anyone want to take someone’s creativity away from us? To me it seems like a ruthless idea. Sometimes a child/teen may read a book and be encouraged them to do something that may in the end change the world forever. Yet they are willing to take these educational books way from us. First our parents tell us that we need to read more. So then we do. And then they say, “No you can’t read that book.” So we ask why. And then the most common answer they say is because I said so. What kind of answer is that? That just them telling us that they don’t want us to. That just baffles my mind. They are banning books that they have probably read when they were our age. And worse yet the books are most likely legends. I still can’t believe that parents banned so many books they made a week for banning books in September.

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