"Narrative of a Gay Asian Kid"

November 30, 2012
By , Brooklyn, NY
The article, “Narrative of a Gay Asian Kid,” by Jaemin L, is a touching piece about the discrimination that he faced because he was gay. Jaemin was bullied for being attracted to men. One of his worst bullies was a kid named Max, but a few years later they became decent friends. Both were shocked that the teachers didn't help, and Max apologized for being “a real jerk.” Eventually, the other bullies also apologized, even Julius who told Jaemin to hang himself. Jaemin expresses that we live in an “intolerant world.” Everyone is judged for what they look like, their race, their sexuality, and much more.
I believe that the world is very intolerant as well. I can see it in myself when I automatically reply to some comments, “Oh, that’s so gay.” I never realized that it can actually offend someone who may be gay. It’s not that I dislike people who are gay; I just followed the ‘crowd’ by doing what everyone else did. Also, I admire Jaemin for staying strong through his life. He could of gone down the wrong road, but instead he “helped make a more tolerant world.” I hope that my habit of replying to comments with offensive terms will stop. I would like to thank Jaemin for helping me realized a terrible habit that I never fully recognized as a bad thing. Being gay, being a different race, and not being the prettiest person in the world shouldn't change who we really are on the inside, nor should we hide it. Being yourself is what, I believe, will bring you forward and closer to a bright future.

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