Technology Dependence

November 29, 2012
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Reading "Technology Dependence" by Madeline R, I felt as if I could see my daily thoughts reflected in each sentence. The article discussed how technology is running our generation.

We definitely need technology for several aspects of life, but we have gone too far. We have lost the simple aspects of life that former eras, which are necessary to have a well-balanced existence. I don't think that our society needs to give up social networking sites and Internet connections all together, because like Madeline said, important relationships and other things exist among them. However, we definitely need to find a happy medium.

You don't need to give into every urge that you have that you have to be surrounded by technology. If you do, your life will orbit around this and only this. You need to build real relationships and go out and see real things. Your greatest memories should not exist solely on the basis of technology.

So thank you, Madeline, for acknowledging such an important issue. I hope that people choose to take your advice and pry themselves away from their phones, computers, game systems, etc. once in a while.

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