The Gift of a Smile

November 29, 2012
By thefionna13 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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In "The Gift of a Smile," a waitress constantly meets the acquaintance of a homeless man while working. He takes note of the girl's actions and appearance. He notices that her sleeves are always down, unlike the other workers. He comes to the conclusion that scars decorate her wrists because of stress. He notices her smile, white and straight. He notices her perfect dimples. He stays in the restaurant throughout the girl's shift and walks out as soon as she does. She confronts him, demanding to know about his "sick obsession" with her. He replies, saying that the only thing he had was time. He wanted to spend his time looking at the "prettiest smile in the city." With those words, he leaves. Corey, the author, then reveals that the man didn't know the girl just for her smile. She was his daughter and his smile was the only thing worthwhile he gave her. She's oblivious. 
This piece really spoke to me. The man marveling at the creation he made was heart touching. He saw his daughter as nothing short of perfection, despite her being so cold to him. If she knew who he really was, she would have a much different reaction. The man most likely left her by choice, because he had nothing of monetary value to offer her. He didn't have anything to give her not even a tip. Even though she didn't love him, his affection is genuine because someone as looked down upon as him had created someone so lovely

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