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November 29, 2012
By Evan77 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Evan77 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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It was a breath of fresh air to finally read something more non-fiction based in the December TeenInk. Sure, I like reading memoirs, fiction and occasionally poetry- but enough is enough, so this piece pulled me in from the get-go. It is called Appetite for Destruction, by Amanda Lewe, and it wasn't just a fulfilling read; I loved the picture as well.

My favorite aspect of your article was the vast inclusion of details. There were references from a handful of effective sources- things like University tests and published reports. But aside from references, it was very helpful to learn the background on obesity and high fructose corn syrup in America. You also listed some unhealthy foods that are common to the average person, as well as a few of your own experiences, such as a trip to McDonalds. These made the article more personal than just a run of the mill "CVS sponsored" report. Furthermore, I commemorate you on adding your own suggestions to stop the epidemic. Otherwise the piece would be left awkwardly hanging, something I see a good deal of in literary magazines. Overall this was a refreshing and well-written piece in the TeenInk collection.

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