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November 29, 2012
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Generally, when I shift through the newest edition of Teen Ink, I expect myself to be faced with article after article of depressing material, without a bright light, so to say, which I have no trouble in reading. As for Paper Ornaments & Soggy Waffles by Elaine, I was truly taken aback. This half-page article did something that really astounded me: it made me feel, and not sadness, (though not overwhelming ecstasy per se), but let me see the bright light, let me feel hope. This article describes a Christmas spent in rehab from an eating disorder. Elaine does so well to snap me right into the scene, causing me to feel what they feel and really get into a mind of an anorexic.

There are many teenagers faced with anorexia and many die from eating disorders. I really think that this article may be (at least in some cases) effective in handing eating disorder’s victims, who are stumbling around in the darkness, a flashlight and a map through the long tunnel. If someone faces this problem and spends days starving themselves, this is like a gentle awakening from the nap. It tells them, see? This is what happens when you hurt yourself like this, as well as, but, there is hope. I’m getting better, so you can too! This is certainly a nod in the correct direction, and reinforces that one day they too can get better.

Every action has a consequence, good or bad, and in every dark cavern there still can be light; this article is evidence of this. Thank you so much, Elaine, for writing this beautiful piece! I am deeply grateful for this, and I know many people will benefit from your captivating words.

Let me finish this off on a happy note to anyone suffering with this disorder: true beauty lies within, no matter how cheesy that sounds, and you are not yourself by how small jean size you can fit in.

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