You Stole My Obama Sticker

November 29, 2012
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"You Stole My Obama Sticker" by Jacqueline G is a hilarious, sarcastic letter to the person who scraped the author's Obama sticker off her car.
In the letter, Jackie tells off the offender by giving sarcastic comments such as: "I'm 53 percent sure (the last 47 percent apparently doesn't matter to you anyway)...." As I was reading this in class, I was trying hard not to laugh. Jacqueline adds humor to her letter as she points out that there are better ways to support the Republican party than peeling free bumper stickers off cars.
It's very rare that I find a short (to the point) humorous article in Teen Ink. "You Stole My Obama Sticker" really lightened my day. And Jackie? I really hope you got rid of that glue residue on the back of your car, or at least got something to cover it up.

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