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November 15, 2012
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When I read “A T-shirt Travesty” by Danielle Mackson, I instantly felt a connection to her words. In her article, she mentioned how some aspects of society (namely clothing brands) tear down the dignity or women and girls by creating the image that they are dim-witted and ignorant.

I strongly agree to all of the arguments Danielle brought up. I have notices the uprising sexism that has been encouraged in younger age groups. Various pop culture views have influenced the mindset of girls into determining that boys attain more power than them. In some classic fairy-tale movies, often times the female protagonist is portrayed as helpless and vulnerable, and they depend on the heroic male prince to rescue them.

I believe that such degrading chauvinism should be eliminated. It is important for young girls to grow up strong and independent, and no stereotypes should extinguish that. So thank you, Danielle; for opening my eyes to an important issue that is constantly overlooked.

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