November 15, 2012
By , New York, NY
"The Bone Corset" by Natalie is a journey. It is a journey that every girl faces, what happens when a girl sees herself in the mirror and has a thought of "if only." Why not? we think. Why not shave off a few pounds, our mothers talk about it, our fathers complain about their muffin tops, why not when our brothers work out. Now i have an answer. Because of Natalie. Because she had the willpower to put away her corset, to let it rot in the closet. To finally render the White Woman quiescent.
This beautiful story is about an "imaginary girl." A girl who became warped from the pressure that society brings. Every girl deals with this pressure differently. Some turn to bullying, others turn to drink and drugs. But most turn to anorexia. They surrender to the whispers that have always been there and step into a place. A dark, dangerous, terrifying place who feeds you lies, telling you that if you lose a few more pounds, you'll have friends, that you'll have a boyfriend,t hat your body fat is holding you back. But not me. Not anymore. SO thank you Natalie.

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