Worth It

November 7, 2012
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“Worth It” by AlleaBelle G is a great piece of writing. She talks about all the tough work you have to go through during sports and how in the end it is worth it. She describes all the pain and grueling workouts you go through to reach your goal in sports. She says “hot summer workouts,” and “numb to exhaustion,” to describe what she was going through.

I play football and I know exactly how she feels. During the hot days of August and early September with pads on is the worst time of the season. The first week is conditioning week to get you in shape for the season so you basically just do conditioning drills and you don’t play that much football. After you’re done with all the conditioning and practicing and you’re standing in the end zone after catching a touchdown it’s a great feeling. In the end, after all the pain and sweat, it is eventually worth it.

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